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New Construction: Best Features for Your New Home

by Mac Chinsomboon 11/23/2021

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When you are building a new construction home, you have so many opportunities to personalize your property. For some, it can actually be overwhelming to sort through the various features that are available and decide which ones are best for their home. If you are feeling as if you are being inundated with options, don't worry. You aren't the first person to feel this way. 

Here are the best features to include in your new construction home: 

Custom, Built-In Storage

Storage is one of the most integral parts of your new home's design, but it's easy to overlook the designated storage spaces during the planning process. While you may know that there is an allotted number of closets, pantries or storage areas in the home, you may forget to consider the opportunities for custom, built-in storage. As you look over the plans for your home, take a moment to see if there are any spaces where built-in storage could be incorporated. Shelving around the fireplace, for instance, is particularly popular. You may also want to consider built-in bookshelves in a bedroom, den or office area.

Smart Technology Features

Rather than trying to add a few new devices to your home every couple of months, you can start fresh with a home that includes all the smart technology features that you need. Some of the most popular smart technology features today include:

  • Smart security systems, including doorbells and locks.
  • Smart thermostats.
  • Smart lighting.
  • USB outlets.

Heated Floors

Heated floors may seem like a luxury that is reserved for the most exclusive homeowners, but the reality is that many builders can add heated floors to your home all while sticking within the confines of your budget. While tile flooring is a classic and elegant option, it's not always the most comfortable to walk on every day. With heated floors, you can enjoy both the look and feel of your home. Some rooms where heated floors come in handy include bathrooms, kitchens and basements.

Bonus Rooms

Opting to add a bonus room to your house can significantly increase the livability of your home and boost the value of the property. Bonus rooms give you additional space to live, work and play in. Some of the most common uses for bonus rooms include offices, play rooms, mudrooms, dens or libraries.

The builder that you work with may also have additional features that are available for you to choose from. Selecting the features that will best suit your lifestyle will allow you to maximize your enjoyment of your new home. These features are what set new construction homes apart from existing residential properties. With new construction, you have the freedom and flexibility to create a house that will be the best home for you and your family.

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I've closed hundreds of purchase and sale transactions over the past several years - everything from the lows, to the peaks of the market, and the rebound that we're currently in. This means that I've experienced just about every issue that one could ever expect in a transaction - and how to head it off before it becomes a real or bigger issue. Of course, as with Life, issues will "evolve", and my goals are to try to discover them as best and early as possible, to protect both my buyers and sellers - don't get me wrong, there will still be bumps along the road, but my goal is mitigate and minimize them for you.

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